Penelope is 6 Months Old - Happy Half Year Birthday!

by Michelle in ,

These 6 months have gone by so quickly and soon we will be celebrating her first birthday. I guess it’s time to start planning instead of just getting ideas for the big day! At 6 months old she:

  • has started eating vegetables. Her first vegetable was broccoli and even though she didn’t care for the smell, she did very well with eating it. The other two vegetables she had this month were green peas and zucchini, with zucchini being a favorite.
  • battled another sickness that she caught at daycare as we were about to start another round of vegetables, so we decided to concentrate on just liquids until she started feeling better.
  • does an amazing job at rolling from her back to her side and stopping, so any day now she will be rolling all the way over.
  • still is an amazing sleeper and sleeps through the night unless she is sick and coughing through the night.
  • is starting to interact much more with her toys on the exersaucer and the toy bar that we attach to her rock ‘n play.
  • has started to lean forward in an attempt to sit up on her own while in her car seat and in the swing, so it seems like she will be sitting up all on her own before we know it.
  • is chewing on her thumb and hand, so along with all the drool, we believe she is teething.
  • loves to laugh and giggle and tries to talk as she’s chewing on her thumb and hand!
  • is still wearing sizes 3-6 months with a few things being snug, so her closet will soon have her 6-9 months clothes which are all spring and summery.
  • is 19 lbs, 13 ounces and 28.5 inches long

Here is how much our little girl has grown over the last 6 months: