Weekly photos of Penelope {February 1st - 7th}

by Michelle in

I've been slacking on posting daily photos of Penelope, so I'll be working on getting tons of photos uploaded during the next few days. February 1st: Hanging on before she takes off on her roller coaster


February 2nd: Eating breakfast with a fork


February 3rd: Of all the toys Penelope has, this to-go cup was her source of entertainment for a few minutes


February 4th: Penelope found a toy that is being saved for her birthday.  It is still sealed and she is just playing with a block that is attached to a strap


February 5th: One of her toys got recalled, so Step2 sent us a replacement


February 6th: Took Penelope to the park to play and she crawled up steps to a slide and decided to watch 2 kids playing


February 7th: Rising on her rocking horse