Weekly photos of Penelope {January 22nd - 31st}

by Michelle in

January 22nd: These two can be trouble at times. Although RedDog doesn't like Penelope crawling all over her, she does like to lick Penelope. Most of the time, Penelope seems to enjoy RedDog licking her. 20130217-135504.jpg

January 23rd: First time having a peanut butter sandwich and she liked it.


January 24th: Working her puzzles.


January 25th: Concentrating on stacking the wooden circles.


January 26th: Just learning her numbers in Swedish! Not really, she just enjoys the pictures and turning the pages. One day she will say her numbers in both English and Swedish!


January 27th: Constantly moving basically describes Penelope these days.  Daddy was trying to get RedDog to fetch her toy.  Once she was tired, Penelope did the fetching for her!


January 28th: Playing with her new maracas.


January 29th: Being such a good little girl waiting for her turn to get her hair trimmed.


January 30th: Being silly and climbing into her car from the wrong side. She kept crawling in from this side, then going out of the door that opens, then back around to the wrong side to repeat the process over and over.


January 31st: She noticed RedDog running down the hall and smiled. She does love RedDog!