Weekly photos of Penelope {January 1st - 7th}

by Michelle in

Dan got me a new digital camera for Christmas so I can capture some great pictures of Penelope. I have also challenged myself to take a picture of Penelope everyday, so here are the first 7 days of pictures: January 1st: Playing on the floor with some of the foods she got for Christmas


January 2nd: Modeling a new outfit she got for Christmas while playing on her castle


January 3rd: Making silly faces during dinner and getting mashed potatoes in her hair


January 4th: Climbing into the freezer drawer as I fixed her lunch


January 5th: Learned how to open the door to the hallway closet and decided to start taking a few things out


January 6th: First ride in her car outside on the street


January 7th: This crazy girl climbed onto the couch and then into her shopping cart