Penelope is Three Months Old

by Michelle in

It is hard to believe that Penelope is now 3 months. Here is what we have expereinced this month:

  • Becoming more alert and staying awake a little longer after feedings
  • Loves to smile and make funny faces
  • Cooing and giggles
  • Improved control of her head, less wobbling
  • Still sleeping though the night
  • Still enjoying bathtime
  • Starting to get the pacifier back in her mouth if her hands are positioned just right
  • Enjoys looking at herself in the mirror during playtime on her mat until she gets tired
  • Likes to kick her legs and wave her arms while laying on her back

We do not have official stats this month since there was not a doctor's appointment, so we are guessing she weighs a little over 14 lbs.  She is getting close to moving to the next size with most of her clothes.  There are some brands that seem to run a little smaller than others.