Working From Home

by Michelle in

I am very lucky to have an employer and a management team that is allowing me to work from home for a month so that I can spend some extra time with my daughter before having to take her to daycare at such a young age.  So far, I have complete a full week of working from home, so I wanted to write a brief blog on how things are going and give some comparisons to the difference I have experienced since I was able to work from home time to time pre-baby. My home office doesn’t exist in our “media room”, it exist on the couch.  We have a dog that enjoys being in our laps and we have spoiled her with all the time and attention we give her.  Therefore, she would not be happy with me sitting at a desk while she laid somewhere alone.  I try not to get too distracted by the dishes in the sink and any other cleaning I could do.  Mostly, I end up doing some of those things while I’m trying to fix something for lunch.  With a newborn in the house, the cleaning distractions have increased and I still try and keep it very minimal since I feed my daughter 3 times during my work day and also have lunch myself.  So as the bottle is warming or my lunch is cooking, I still try and get a few cleaning tasks taken care of.  Although there are pet-peeves of mine in the office, I do get a feeling that I’m missing out on things at work or that my co-workers are not reaching out to me like they would if I was at my desk.  When working from home prior to my baby’s birth, I was free from my desk phone.  Now that I’m working from home for multiple weeks, I was able to get an application installed on my work laptop that allows me to use my desk phone through my computer, which means, people calling my desk will actually get me.  So far this has not been an issue since most people probably don’t realize I’m back and I am still getting up to spend from where I left off.  Luckily, my child is not old enough to talk and ask questions non-stop.  Even as a newborn, she doesn’t cry very much and I can usually get her calmed down.  So far no crazy crying fits have really happen.  However, I do have a dog that has to go outside to take care of her business and sometimes she seems to take her time!  I have managed to create a great schedule that allows me to take care of the dog and the baby and keep my sanity.  In the mornings, I prepare enough bottles for the day, so that I only need to get them out of the fridge and warm them.  When it gets close to feeding time, I get the bottle out and start the warming process.  While the bottle is warming, I take the dog outside.  By the time she is done, the bottle has been warmed, so I finish putting the bottle together and then take my baby to change her diaper so I can then start feeding her.  My daughter has begun to develop more these days and enjoys spending a few minutes on her play mat before getting tired and ready for a nap.  She does good with naps and sometimes just needs a little mom time during her naps but she doesn’t get in my way of getting my work done of not being able to make a phone call.  So far things are going great and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work from home and very thankful for a sweet baby girl that is helping make it easy for me.