TGIF? Not for me today

by Michelle in

Typically, I'm excited when Friday rolls around because it means it's the end of the work week and I have a whole weekend in front of me to enjoy being with my husband and now 12 week old daughter.  Unless a Friday ends up being the last day of vacation, I'm normally in the TGIF spirit....not today.  Today is a different kind of Friday for me.  Yes it's the end of the work week and yes I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and baby.  It is also my last day of working from home while taking care of my new daughter.  Starting Monday, I will be back in the office while my daughter is at daycare.  I trust that the daycare will take great care of her and I know that one day, the interaction with other kids will benefit her greatly.  I have left her with grandparents for a few hours, so this will be the longest I have gone without being with her.  After 9 months of pregnancy, with 4 weeks of bed rest and hoping all goes well for baby and me, then 12 weeks at home with her, I'm not at all ready for this.  Since the daycare is close to my office, my plan is to be with her at lunch time, as long as my work schedule allows.  So to all who read this, my apologies for not being in the TGIF spirit today.  Next week will be a different story.