Meal Planning Monday

by Michelle in , ,

There will not be a menu plan for this week.  The changes that I blogged about on Friday will begin in full force next Monday.  This will I will be working on my plan to recreate what I did while on Jenny Craig as well as research what my workout plan will be.  Even though I do not like depriving myself of certain foods while trying to lose weight, I do feel like I need to avoid some of those foods for awhile.  When I look back at what I did on Jenny Craig, the first month was 100% foods from Jenny Craig and I remember being nervous about taking a weekend trip and eating at a restaurant.  Two and a half weeks after starting my new plan, I will be faced with Thanksgiving, so my plan is to be a little strict with myself until then and hopefully not over indulge that day and live on fattening leftovers.  I seeing some quality time on Pinterst looking for some good veggie and healthy dessert recipes happening this week in preparation of the new plan.