Meal Planning

by Michelle in , ,

Last week's post stated that I would have a meal plan this week.  Well, I guess I lied because it is Thursday and I really do not have one.  To be honest, I have been lacking the motivation to come up with healthy meals for this week which has led to my plan to get myself motivated.  Since I am a competitive person, I decided that there needs to be weekly weigh-ins with the husband and there needs to be some sort of reward/punishment scenario between the two of us.  I mentioned my idea to the husband Tuesday evening and the brainstorming began.  We will begin finalizing the details of this weight loss challenge this weekend and I will blog the details.  Also this weekend, I hope to begin a new system of getting the meal plan created by Saturday so that shopping can be completed and then prep foods for the week.  My hope is to not spend nap time prepping for dinner since I have a little girl that likes to stand exactly where I am standing in the kitchen no matter where I move.  So that is the plan, now I just need to actually do the plan!  Maybe I need to go print off some pictures of myself and post them throughout the house to motivate me a little more.