Labor and Delivery

by Michelle in

It all began when I got a call from my doctor on a Wednesday that he wanted to induce me that Friday morning, 12 days early.  After being on bedrest for a few weeks, I have very excited to hear this.  My amazing husband purchased the greatest book, 'The Best Birth: Your Guide to the Safest, Healthiest, Most Satisfying Labor and Delivery', to help us prepare for the big day since we were not able to attend the Child Birth Class that we originally signed up for.  We managed to finish the book before the big day and packed it in our bags in case we needed to reference it.  So the big day finally came and I was ready, and a tad nervous at the same time.  Once our room was ready for us, we got settled in and I got hooked up to all sorts of stuff.  Contractions were coming and going and eventually I was experiencing what I had read and heard about, back labor.  I tried to deal with it as long as I could and finally I gave in and had the epidural.  When I say that I finally gave in and got the epidural, I'm not trying to imply that I was planning to go all natural with the birth, I was just hoping to be further along.  The epidural procedure was an event in itself.  The anesthesiologist stuck me in one spot, couldn't get that spot to work, tried another spot further up, that one didn't work, and finally went back to the first spot and we finally had success!  For those that wonder, no there is really no pain and I'm sure my complication was due to the back labor pains I was dealing with.  In the book, we read where some women started to progress a little quicker after the epidural and that seems to be what happened with me since the next status check was near go time!  Finally it came time to start pushing and I was not totally freaking out.  I was actually zoned in and ready to see my baby girl.  My husband was there by my side and coaching me every step of the way.  For about an hour and a half, I was pushing during each contraction.  The doctor came in to check and said that I can either push for another hour, or I can have a c-section.  I decided to push for another hour with no more process, so it was c-section time.  This is where I began to freak out.  Crazy thing is, I have always joked about just having a c-section since it's over an done with so quickly, compared to 2 1/2 hours of pushing.  I guess it was the fact that I have never been "under the knife".  Once I was inside the OR, they administered the anesthesia and after 2 checks on what I could feel, they had to "snow" me in order to do the c-section.  Man was I on a trip!  I did get a quick view of my husband holding baby girl before he had to take her to the nursery.  Even though my husband and I had decided that he would stay by my side after the c-section, due to me being "snowed", the nurse talked him into going with baby girl to the nursery and I don't blame them for suggesting that.  After I was done in the OR, I was taken to recovery and then finally back to our room where my husband and I got to have some time together and I got to finally hold our baby girl, Penelope Autumn.  What a precious little girl we have.