Items I Suggest New Parents Register For

by Michelle in , ,

Baby Center, an online resource for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy has a good checklist for things to register for: For a new mom, this list can become overwhelming, so I created a list on that you can check out and even add the items to your own registry on

Out of this list of 40, I have my top 7 favorites that really got the husband and I through the first few weeks as new parents:

1. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Before you can take your new bundle of joy home, you have to have a car seat installed in your car. The base for this car seat is easy to install, especially in my Jetta that has hooks for the latch connectors. We have even moved it from my car to another car that had to have it installed using the seat belt method and it still took very little time to install. On the base, there are precision bubble levels that help you insure that the base sits level in your car for baby's safety. It is easy to release from the base, just pull up on the release handle and then lift the car seat off the base. When putting the car seat on the base, it just snaps in and you hear a click sound. We also have the Cortina Stroller as well that makes this a great Travel System and it has the same ease of inserting and releasing the car seat from it.

2. Fisher-Price Aquarium Bathtub - Our daughter has done really well with baths and this tub has been great from day one. The sling net allows you to let your baby lay in the water without getting too deep. One of the best features is the temperature gauge in the bottom of the tub. It is a meter that informs is too cold, too hot, or just right! So when it was time for baby girl's first bath, it was a pleasant experience with this bathtub.

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger - The first few nights were on the rough side and when we first laid her down on this lounger, it was a whole new world. She instantly stopped crying and slept very well on it. Everywhere we went in the house, the lounger came along for baby girl to hang out in. Even when we left the house to visit grandma, the lounger was packed with the rest of the items needed for the visit.

4. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper - Baby girl didn't start off sleeping in her crib on day one and we didn't receive our pack 'n play that was being given to us by the husband's co-workers, so we used this until we managed to transition her to the pack 'n play that we had set up in our bedroom. Due to the drainage she was experiencing with her first cold, we wanted to elevate her chest, so she slept in this until she started clearing up.

5. Swaddling - We used both the Halo SleepSack Swaddle and the Summer Infant SwaddleMe. The SleepSack Swaddle came in handy while early on since she slept so often. I would keep her in the SleepSack and would just swaddle her arms in when it was time for sleeping. Once she became more alert and playful, we used the SwaddleMe for naps and night time sleeping.

6. Oslo Diaper Bag - During the first week we were home with our daughter, it seems like we had some sort of appointment to go to, so we were taking baby girl everywhere and I have really enjoyed this bag! There is a pouch in the front where you can store wipes and it has a great flap that covers the wipes to keep them moist and it comes with a changing mat. I'm not sure what other parents keep in their diaper bags, but there is plenty of room for diapers, bottles, formula, ointments, change of clothes and pacifiers. I'm sure I have missed an item or two that we have in our diaper bag, but these are the primary items that we use and carry with us.

7. Pacifiers - We have used two different pacifiers and it's been fun watching her go from one to the other. We have used the Phillips Avent BPA Free pacifiers for 0-3 months and also 2 Wubbanubs. The Wubbanub has a soothie pacifier attached to a soft plush animal. I started using the Wubbanub while changing baby girl because she didn't like being changed for some reason. The Wubbanub did a better job staying in her mouth since it had the weight of the plush animal.