Inquiring Mondays - What do or will your child call their grandparents?

by Michelle in , ,

This is a question that my parents have asked me multiple times and I honestly have no clue how to answer this question.  I'm not even sure where the names for my grandparents came from.  I noticed in the card my parents sent to baby girl for Valentine's Day that they signed it Pop and Granny, and during our recent Skype dates, I've heard my dad refer to himself as Pop, so maybe they have decided to start their own nicknames?!  So I ask you, those who are reading this post, do you already have names in mind for your child's grandparents?  Are you or have you left this to your child to decide?  Did your parents and in-laws come up with their name?  What names have been chosen by you, your child or parents/in-laws?