Inquiring Mondays - Teething

by Michelle in , ,

The past couple of nights have been hard on baby girl and I. I'm thinking and hoping that she's has some teething trying to cut through. Around midnight both nights, she wakes up crying and it's not the sleepy crying...I can hear the pain in her cries. I manage to console her & rock her back to a deep sleep that allows me to get her back in her crib without waking her. About 2:30, I can hearing those same painful cries. The first night I fell asleep with her in the chair and we slept to nearly 7:00 when I woke up my husband to feed her while I tried to get an hour of sleep in a bed. Last night, I gave her some teething tabs that were given to from an experienced mom. Baby girl managed to sleep for a couple of more hours until about 5:30 when she started crying again. I got up, scooped up my baby girl and rocked with her in the chair. We both fell asleep again and finally woke up around 8:00. Does this experience sound similar to you? Was it teething or something else? What recommendations do you have for dealing with an infant that's teething?