Inquiring Mondays - Overnight Stay at Grandma's

by Michelle in , , ,

Baby girl is about to experience a couple of nights not in her own bed, nor in her own house. Also, we will not be with her, she will be at Grandma's house. I'm not sure how I'll do since this will be the first couple of nights I have not put her to bed or been there when she wakes up. Grandma will have to send me tons of pictures and maybe there will be some time on Skype or FaceTime! Aside from all the emotions, I need to figure out what all I need to ensure baby girl has everything he needs. Grandma has a pack n play, stroller, diapers, wipes, formula, bibs, burp cloths and spoons, so I don't need to pack that, so here is what I'm thinking: Car seat and base Baby food (puréed foods & oatmeal) Clothes for the day & night Bottles Bottle brushes & drying rack Pacifiers Toys Gas drops Infant Ibuprofen Diaper rash cream Sound machine Teething items Rick n play with toy bar - this is just in case the pack n play does not work for sleeping Schedule of feedings and when she normally naps

So, did I forget anything moms?