Inquiring Mondays - Living in the Moment vs. Living Behind the Camera

by Michelle in , ,

With my baby girl continuing to grow and accomplish some more “firsts” on the milestone checklist, I have the desire to capture it all on camera. If you have ever met me in person, you know that I can’t live without my iPhone, so it’s always near me and I can typically capture a quick photo of her being cute while playing. This weekend, I took a break from Twitter and decided that I would focus my attention on my family and my to-do list. Saturday night, I had a super sleepy baby girl on my hands. After her last feeding for the day, she immediately fell asleep in my arms and I just soaked that moment up. I was tempted to capture a photo of her sweet adorable self just snuggled in my arms, but I decided to just embrace the moment and not risk waking her up as I tried to get my phone and take a picture. On Sunday, I had her playing on the floor, doing some back playtime and some tummy time. She is getting better with the tummy time and was starting to raise herself up for a bit and I just know that she’ll roll herself over any day now. That is when I really started thinking about getting that moment captured. My husband was in another room cleaning and I began thinking he might miss the big moment! So I began to think, do I start playing with my child and watch through the lens of my phone so that I capture that moment? What if it happens at daycare and they don’t tell me and I actually witness the 2nd time she’s rolled over? Even the small milestones of pulling her pulling on a toy to make it move instead of the husband or I doing it didn’t get captured on film, but I was there and nearly cried my eyes out of that sweet little milestone she accomplished on a snow day while I was working at home!So how do you go about capturing your baby’s milestones? Do you end up getting a picture or video of your baby accomplishing the milestone the 2nd or 3rd time? Just curious to know how everyone else captures these moments. This is a thought that I am struggling with and would like to hear input from others.