Inquiring Mondays - Car Seat Storage

by Michelle in

During the first week of our daughter's life, it seemed like everyday we were leaving the house for some sort of appointment.  At first, we started to leave the car seat in her room.  That quickly became a nuisance as we were constantly moving it around in her room.  Since my purse along with the husband's keys and wallet get placed on the table in our entryway, I figured that's where the car seat and diaper bag should go as well.  This has worked great for us since this is the area we are in when preparing to leave the house.  Here's a nice little photo showing the car seat under the table in our entry way:

Now that she is older and bigger, we are starting to just leave the car seat attached to the base in the car and carry her.  The hot summer days are upon us and my concern will be having to put her into a hot car seat.  Should I get a white towel or blanket to drape over the car seat to reflect the heat?

Where do you store your car seat when it's not in the car and when did you start leaving it attached to the base in the car?  If you leave your car seat in the car during the summer months, how do you keep it from getting so hot when you have to put your little one in?