Inquiring Mondays

by Michelle in

As I continue to grow in my new role as a mother to my darling little girl, I know I will have tons of questions or even just some random thoughts that I would like to share and get other people's opinions and/or thoughts on as well. With that in mind, here is my first post for Inquiring Mondays! As my girl is about to turn 6 months next Friday (3/9), I'm starting to think about toys that she will need to continue her development and continue to grow with her. I don't particularly care for toys that have a short lifespan with our child. As much as most of these toys cost, we need to get a pretty darn good ROI! So baby girl is about to be 6 months so that means the crawling, some sitting up on her own and then walking somewhere around her 1st birthday. The items that we have now are the Prince LionHeart bebePod, Evenflo Bounce and Learn Bee Exersaucer, Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper, Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym and the Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat (Ladybug). Some of these items were purchased because of someone else recommending them or from me reading the reviews on Some were not. I have started looking at the toys that will be beneficial as our little girl starts crawling, sitting up more and eventually walking. Chicco has been a great brand for us. We have their car seat/stroller combo, the poly magic highchair, a few regular toys and their new crib mobile. I have been very happy with every single one of those purchases. I've been eyeing the following:

i-Gym Activity Center - she can play with it as she sits or lays down. It's rated at 0+ months, so I'm thinking that will probably be boring to her soon. Baby Jogging - this one is rated for 9+ months, so it will be a bit before she can really play with it and really only is good for walking around…no other major bells and whistles. Baby Activity Walker - this one is also rated for 9+ months and has activities for while she's sitting and then will allow her to walk around once she's ready for that stage. 4-in-1 Ride on Car - also rated for 9+ months since I guess you can push your kid around on this one until they have the motor skills to push themselves with their feet. Not 100% sure on this one if it's worth the $80. Music 'N Play Table - rated at 12+ months but seems like she could play with it as she was learning to sit on her own. Looks like there are tons of things to play with….even some form of large Legos! Dance Walker - This one just has a weight limit of 26.5 lbs and I like that you can hook an iPod up to it for your own music so that you can change up what they hear and don't listen to the same 6 tunes over and over again! There is also musical play tray that can be removed.

So….what are your kids favorite toys when they were learning to crawl, sit up and walk around?