How many babies are we having?

by Michelle in

Today was our first official baby appointment and thanks to my mother-in-law, she managed to talk to my doctor about having an ultrasound done today at our appointment.  First we began all the paperwork fun and have tons of things to read and fill out.  I’m a bit overwhelmed at what all we received.  Next we went to the ultrasound lab and I am happy to report there is only one baby forming inside me, so no more worrying about getting double the number of items and figuring out where to put two cribs.  Since the ultrasound has ruled out two of the 3 reasons for a high HCG level, the assumption moves to me being further along in my pregnancy than what the magic wheel says.  In that case, if there happens to be a contest regarding when I will actually give birth, you might want to go with before September, 21st!  In not so fun news, the original plan at my last appointment was to get enough blood for my prenatal tests so that I didn’t have to go through the whole blood drawing fun.  Well, that didn’t happen, so I got to have that fun all over again.  Thankfully the husband was there by my side again.