DIY Craft of the Month - February

by Michelle in ,

Earlier this month, I linked up with Becky for the "Our Love Story" post and happened to see that she had started this DIY Craft of the Month series. I love DIY projects and I'm excited to share with you a couple of projects I've been working on this month that are green! My first DIY project is a 'mobile' that I created for baby girl's room. Prior to her being born, I had two different ideas for a mobile and was planning to do both of them. Neither of them have been started and I have most, if not all of the materials necessary to complete them. Well, since I procrastinated long enough, a new idea sparkedince there really is no true "theme" for her room, this was bound to happen. So here it is….my DIY mobile for baby girl's room:



I purchased the green and yellow paper lanterns from and then got the red one at Party City. The butterflies were purchased from a store on eBay called The Bownut and then hot glued onto the paper lanterns. I started off by using glue dots from my scrapbooking supplies, and then got upset when some of the butterflies kept falling off a few days later. Well out came the hot glue gun and then all was well.

My second green DIY project this month is a pair of green pants for baby girl to wear to daycare for St. Patty's Day! There are some fabric stores in my area, but I hardly have time to really drive and shop in person, so I got the green and white polka dot Moda fabric through a store on Etsy called Ready2QuiltShop. I don't have a picture of the pants completed, so here is a picture of them prior to the elastic being added into the waste band and then the ruffles added to the pant legs. (I'll update the post once I have a picture of the pants completed.)


So those are my green DIY projects for February. I can't want to see what Becky comes up with for March!