by Michelle in ,

This past week I found some great deals. The first deal was for a hotel in Kansas City, MO. The husband and I are headed up there to see a comedy show soon and we wanted to get a hotel around where the show will be. While on the various travel sites, all the hotels for that area were in the range of $150 a night, so I decided to try to see if I could get a good deal. Since I like to stay in nice hotels, I went for the four star and up range and decided to go with $75 a night. I figured that two nights at $75 would be the same cost as one night at the regular price which sounded like a good deal. Well, I guess I should have tried lower because they took the offer! I then headed to to see what their price per night was for the hotel I got a reservation for. Their price per night was $159, so an even better deal! The second deal I came across was with diapers. I went onto and was able o get our Pampers Cruisers for $0.21 per diaper. Normally we get our diapers at Sam's Club where they are $0.27 per diaper, plus I got 50 more diapers! To get this deal, I'm an mom, signed up for subscribe and save, plus there was coupon on

Did you find any deals this week that you would like to share?