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Life is full of changes and there are a few changes happening in my life now and in the very near future.  As I thought about this post regarding changes, it reminded me of a blog post I did a few years ago on my old blog regarding one of the changes that will be happening once again. The first change has kind of already started.  It is a change in my daughter's daily schedule.  For almost two weeks now, she has been taking just one nap a day.  She is adjusting very well with this new schedule and I just need to do a better job utilize the time that she is asleep.  I am used to having two nap times that last two hours each.  Now she is sleeping an hour longer and napping for around three hours on a good day, so I am basically getting the same about of "me" time, just at different times of the day than before.

The second change is all about me.  As I noted at the beginning of this post, I am having the same battle and the same realization regarding my weight.  On a positive note, I know that I can change my eating habits and lose the weight that I want and need to lose because I did that prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter.  Now that my daughter is one, she is now eating regular foods and is starting to have interest in what I am eating.  The bad thing is that what I am eating is something I do not want her eating.  I came to the realization weeks ago that I am way more concerned with what is going into her body instead of what is going into mine.  If I had that same concern for me, I know I would not be in this situation.

Even though I lost a good amount of weight prior to my daughter being born, my overall goal is to go past that weight.  At my pre-pregnancy, I was beginning to feel good about myself, so my pre-pregnancy weight is my first goal.  This Christmas will be two years since I reached my goal weight to start trying for a baby.  At this point, I will not be at my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas and I am beginning to accept this.  So how do I plan to change this part of me?  To lose the weight previously, I joined Jenny Craig and I still have all my information from when I lost the weight, so that is my guideline.  Each week while on Jenny Craig, I made a food order and I still have all that information...yes, I keep some of the strangest stuff!  My plan is to not buy their food.  Instead, I remember the types of foods that were available and I have the nutritional information so this will allow me to plan my meals like I did before.  While on Jenny Craig, I also worked out, so this is where utilizing my "me" time comes into play.

My overall goal is to be a great role model for my daughter.  As I stated before, she is starting to pay more attention to what I am doing and at some point she will ask me, "Mommy, why are you not eating your vegetables?".  I really want to avoid her asking me this question.  My daughter has changed my life in so many ways.  Little does she know that at the age of one, she is helping me become a better and healthier person.