Blood Work

by Michelle in

Over the weekend, I started to experience some spotting and since I’m the queen of self-diagnosing myself and searching Google for answers, I was not concerned until the spotting when from brown to red.  My apologies if that was on the TMI side of things but get used to it because I’m sure it will get worse!  For the past week, I have been a roller coaster of emotions.  Yes I am excited to be having a baby and this is something that both the husband and I have discussed and a goal that I had been working towards as part of my weight loss efforts.  Things are just happening so quickly for us.  Shouldn’t we be trying for several months before getting a positive result?  I guess we are one of those lucky couples and we are embracing how lucky we are.  So, after sending my mother-in-law panic text messages regarding the spotting, she got me set up with an appointment for blood work first thing this morning.  From what I can recall, I have only had blood drawn once in my life, so the husband tagged along with me for support.  The two nurses that had to deal with me did great and in no time had the blood that they needed.  According to the husband, I did some good squeezing of his hand, which I thought was not hard at all.  I can only imagine how hard I will be squeezing his hand once I’m giving birth!