April Fool's Day - Time to Stop Fooling Around

by Michelle

It's time to stop fooling around, and I'm not talking about people who choose today to play a practical joke on someone. I'm talking about myself. Time for me to stop fooling around with my health and do my part to avoid the health issues that I have inherited. It's time that I truly make a lifestyle change and make it one that I want my daughter to have.
With the summer months closely approaching, I have decided to try a new skin care system that I have heard women rave about how they now feel better about leaving the house without makeup. In the summer, I completely hate wearing makeup since I get hot and sweat and my makeup ends up on my phone when I use it as a phone and not a social media device. With a little girl who seems to love the park, I predict many sweaty days and I don't want to worry about my makeup sweating off my face. This new skin care is not cheap, so since I don't plan on wearing makeup, I hope it's not much of an impact overall. I do still plan to wear eyeshadow and eyeliner....maybe mascara, which I typically don't use.
Sadly, I'm not hitting the ground running with a full on plan. I have not figured out what my workout plan will be. One thing I have done, is started menu planning and I plan to get more then just week at a time planned since this is a task I don't enjoy doing. Menu planning is more than just dinner, I need to do mine and our daughter's daily breakfast and lunch. This is a big task and one that I hope eventually gets easier.