5 Day Inferno Plan

by Michelle in ,

Starting tomorrow, I will begin the 5 Day Inferno Plan which is a jump start to the Chalene TurboFire Program.  According to the information I read, the plan is designed to cleanse my body and change my eating habits with the result of a loss of up to 10 pounds and 10 inches.  There is no doubt that in these 5 days my eating habits will be different.  Somewhere during my pregnancy, I stopped caring too much about what I was eating and with bed rest, there was no working out...not that I did much of that either.  In the morning I weigh myself on the Wii and will then get measurements from very parts of my body.  Although I will not be documenting my starting weight and measurements on this blog, I will let post total pounds and inches lost.  I also plan to stick to the plan as much as possible.  Getting the workouts in might be a challenge at times with baby girl.