Meal Planning Monday - Week 14

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Monday - Reheated Turkey Brats and Mac & Cheese Tuesday - we have hair appointments, so FAST FOOD!!!

Wednesday - breakfast for dinner

Thursday - Pork Tenderloin

Friday - Perogies

Saturday - Mexican Night...the husband gets Tamales and I get Chicken Tacos!

Sunday - Pizza Night

Meal Planning Monday - Week 13

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I mentioned last week that I would be adding the menu for my daughter, however, she is dealing with some stomach issues and on a strict meal plan.  Since she is so limited on what she should be eating, I will not be posting what she is having. Monday - Pizza night

Tuesday - Taco Night

Wednesday - Turkey Brats

Thursday - Perogies

Friday - Possible dinner with Aunt and Uncle coming into town

Saturday - My in-laws are having a birthday celebration

Sunday - Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake (from Pinterest)

Meal Planning Monday - Week 12

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Sunday was our daughter's first birthday and since I was in ultra stress mode for preparing for her party, my plan is to relax and take my time getting our house back to normal!  We do have some leftovers from the party that we will be eating for a few days.  With our little girl no longer on formula and eating regular food, I need to do a better job making sure she is eating enough.  Starting next week, my meal plans will include some of our other meals we will have.  I foresee some time on Pinterest...darn!

Meal Planning Monday - Week 11

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Monday - we had a late lunch consisting of burgers from the grill at the in-law's house so we didn't have a planned dinner Tuesday - Spiced Pork with Bourbon Sauce

Wednesday - Chicken Fried Rice

Thursday - Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Family and Friends are coming into town, so there's a high probability that we will eat out

Sunday - Our daughter's first birthday is today and we are having a party, so I'm banking on some yummy leftovers!

Meal Planning Monday – Week 9

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Yes, it's not Monday and guess what...there's no meal plan either!  This week's goal is to avoid going to the grocery store!  So with that in mind, I'm getting creative with what we already have and plan to venture out for some staple food supply items if we need them.  It's going good so far and I promise to have a meal plan for next week.

Meal Planning Monday – Week 7

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Another meal planning post a day late! Monday - breakfast for dinner

Tuesday - Schwan's Fiesta Lime Chicken

Wednesday - Six Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Sauce

Thursday - Steak and Potatoes

Friday - White Pizza

Saturday - Skinny Chicken Enchiladas by Skinny Taste

Sunday - Chicken Breast Sandwiches

Meal Planning Monday - Week 6

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Did pretty good with the meal plan last week until the weekend hit.  The husband even asked tonight, what happened to having Blue Hake one night!  Oh well, the weekend got the best of us and since August 1st starts the super get healthy plan, Monday and Tuesday will be out "last suppers"! Monday - Eat out

Tuesday - Eat out

Wednesday - Chicken and Green Beans (skinny recipe that claims to be picky kid eat approved - challenge accepted!)

Thursday - Salmon and Rice

Friday - Chicken Tacos

Saturday - Steak and Baked Potato

Sunday - Pork Chops and Rice


Meal Planning Monday - Week 5

by Michelle in , , , , ,'s Tuesday and not Monday, but there is a meal plan! Monday: Seeing the new Batman movie, so fast food/movie food

Tuesday: The in-laws gave us some chicken that Chef Brandon (my BIL) grilled, so I'll reheat it with some mashed potatoes

Wednesday: Three Cheese Pasta Bake

Thursday: Turkey Mignon with veggies

Friday: Pizza Night - White Pizza from a few weeks ago

Saturday: Breaded Blue Hake with Sweet Potato Fries

Sunday: "Hot Dog" and tots