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Life is full of changes and there are a few changes happening in my life now and in the very near future.  As I thought about this post regarding changes, it reminded me of a blog post I did a few years ago on my old blog regarding one of the changes that will be happening once again. The first change has kind of already started.  It is a change in my daughter's daily schedule.  For almost two weeks now, she has been taking just one nap a day.  She is adjusting very well with this new schedule and I just need to do a better job utilize the time that she is asleep.  I am used to having two nap times that last two hours each.  Now she is sleeping an hour longer and napping for around three hours on a good day, so I am basically getting the same about of "me" time, just at different times of the day than before.

The second change is all about me.  As I noted at the beginning of this post, I am having the same battle and the same realization regarding my weight.  On a positive note, I know that I can change my eating habits and lose the weight that I want and need to lose because I did that prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter.  Now that my daughter is one, she is now eating regular foods and is starting to have interest in what I am eating.  The bad thing is that what I am eating is something I do not want her eating.  I came to the realization weeks ago that I am way more concerned with what is going into her body instead of what is going into mine.  If I had that same concern for me, I know I would not be in this situation.

Even though I lost a good amount of weight prior to my daughter being born, my overall goal is to go past that weight.  At my pre-pregnancy, I was beginning to feel good about myself, so my pre-pregnancy weight is my first goal.  This Christmas will be two years since I reached my goal weight to start trying for a baby.  At this point, I will not be at my pre-pregnancy weight by Christmas and I am beginning to accept this.  So how do I plan to change this part of me?  To lose the weight previously, I joined Jenny Craig and I still have all my information from when I lost the weight, so that is my guideline.  Each week while on Jenny Craig, I made a food order and I still have all that information...yes, I keep some of the strangest stuff!  My plan is to not buy their food.  Instead, I remember the types of foods that were available and I have the nutritional information so this will allow me to plan my meals like I did before.  While on Jenny Craig, I also worked out, so this is where utilizing my "me" time comes into play.

My overall goal is to be a great role model for my daughter.  As I stated before, she is starting to pay more attention to what I am doing and at some point she will ask me, "Mommy, why are you not eating your vegetables?".  I really want to avoid her asking me this question.  My daughter has changed my life in so many ways.  Little does she know that at the age of one, she is helping me become a better and healthier person.


Inquiring Mondays - Overnight Stay at Grandma's

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Baby girl is about to experience a couple of nights not in her own bed, nor in her own house. Also, we will not be with her, she will be at Grandma's house. I'm not sure how I'll do since this will be the first couple of nights I have not put her to bed or been there when she wakes up. Grandma will have to send me tons of pictures and maybe there will be some time on Skype or FaceTime! Aside from all the emotions, I need to figure out what all I need to ensure baby girl has everything he needs. Grandma has a pack n play, stroller, diapers, wipes, formula, bibs, burp cloths and spoons, so I don't need to pack that, so here is what I'm thinking: Car seat and base Baby food (puréed foods & oatmeal) Clothes for the day & night Bottles Bottle brushes & drying rack Pacifiers Toys Gas drops Infant Ibuprofen Diaper rash cream Sound machine Teething items Rick n play with toy bar - this is just in case the pack n play does not work for sleeping Schedule of feedings and when she normally naps

So, did I forget anything moms?

Inquiring Mondays - Teething

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The past couple of nights have been hard on baby girl and I. I'm thinking and hoping that she's has some teething trying to cut through. Around midnight both nights, she wakes up crying and it's not the sleepy crying...I can hear the pain in her cries. I manage to console her & rock her back to a deep sleep that allows me to get her back in her crib without waking her. About 2:30, I can hearing those same painful cries. The first night I fell asleep with her in the chair and we slept to nearly 7:00 when I woke up my husband to feed her while I tried to get an hour of sleep in a bed. Last night, I gave her some teething tabs that were given to from an experienced mom. Baby girl managed to sleep for a couple of more hours until about 5:30 when she started crying again. I got up, scooped up my baby girl and rocked with her in the chair. We both fell asleep again and finally woke up around 8:00. Does this experience sound similar to you? Was it teething or something else? What recommendations do you have for dealing with an infant that's teething?

Inquiring Mondays - What do or will your child call their grandparents?

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This is a question that my parents have asked me multiple times and I honestly have no clue how to answer this question.  I'm not even sure where the names for my grandparents came from.  I noticed in the card my parents sent to baby girl for Valentine's Day that they signed it Pop and Granny, and during our recent Skype dates, I've heard my dad refer to himself as Pop, so maybe they have decided to start their own nicknames?!  So I ask you, those who are reading this post, do you already have names in mind for your child's grandparents?  Are you or have you left this to your child to decide?  Did your parents and in-laws come up with their name?  What names have been chosen by you, your child or parents/in-laws?

Inquiring Mondays - Monitors

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When we created our various registries for when baby girl would be born, we had a great video monitor onto our Amazon registry because that was the one Dan found was the best and was not available at the other locations we registered at.  Since we received multiple Walmart gift cards, we ended up just getting the Angel Care monitor.  I do love the peace of mind I get from know that there is a sensor pad that will alarm us when there is no movement for a certain amount of time, but I want to be able to take a peek without distrubing her while she sleeps.  Soon after we got the Angel Care, I saw that they had released their new version with video and also, Tommee Tippee released a monitor that had the sensor pad and video.  I still have the desire to have a video monitor in her room and I know that it will be used beyond her first birthday.  Now the options of what to do since we do have the one monitor and now would like to add the video capability.  Would be great if the Angel Care video was compatible with the original we have, but it's not.  I would like to hear from other moms and dads out there on what type of monitor or monitors do you use.  What video monitors do you like the best?  Do you use just one or do you have 2 different kinds?

First Easter Prep

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With Easter right around the corner, just 3 1/2 weeks away, I am already starting to feel behind on planning for baby girl's first Easter. I feel like I need to order an Easter Basket by the end of the week to allow plenty of time for it to arrive and for me to pack it full of goodies. Here are the ones that I have my eye on: Pottery Barn Kids:





Since baby girl will be a day away from being 7 months, there will be no candy in her basket, so I am trying to come up with things to put in her basket. I had this same issue with her stocking for Christmas. My thoughts right now are: Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Lollacup Infant & Toddler Straw Cup in green, Wubbanub Cutsie Caterpiller, Alex Jr. First Snaps Building Toy, Jellycat Plush Bashful Chocolate Bunny, Emmit Buddy Blanket, and a book or two.



As far as her Easter dress, we received some great dresses from people, so I might use one of those, or make one since I seem to be inspried to sew these days.  Be on the lookout for baby girl's St Patty's day outfit I am trying to complete!

Looks like I have some decisions to make and some shopping to do!

Inquiring Mondays - Living in the Moment vs. Living Behind the Camera

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With my baby girl continuing to grow and accomplish some more “firsts” on the milestone checklist, I have the desire to capture it all on camera. If you have ever met me in person, you know that I can’t live without my iPhone, so it’s always near me and I can typically capture a quick photo of her being cute while playing. This weekend, I took a break from Twitter and decided that I would focus my attention on my family and my to-do list. Saturday night, I had a super sleepy baby girl on my hands. After her last feeding for the day, she immediately fell asleep in my arms and I just soaked that moment up. I was tempted to capture a photo of her sweet adorable self just snuggled in my arms, but I decided to just embrace the moment and not risk waking her up as I tried to get my phone and take a picture. On Sunday, I had her playing on the floor, doing some back playtime and some tummy time. She is getting better with the tummy time and was starting to raise herself up for a bit and I just know that she’ll roll herself over any day now. That is when I really started thinking about getting that moment captured. My husband was in another room cleaning and I began thinking he might miss the big moment! So I began to think, do I start playing with my child and watch through the lens of my phone so that I capture that moment? What if it happens at daycare and they don’t tell me and I actually witness the 2nd time she’s rolled over? Even the small milestones of pulling her pulling on a toy to make it move instead of the husband or I doing it didn’t get captured on film, but I was there and nearly cried my eyes out of that sweet little milestone she accomplished on a snow day while I was working at home!So how do you go about capturing your baby’s milestones? Do you end up getting a picture or video of your baby accomplishing the milestone the 2nd or 3rd time? Just curious to know how everyone else captures these moments. This is a thought that I am struggling with and would like to hear input from others.

Inquiring Mondays

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As I continue to grow in my new role as a mother to my darling little girl, I know I will have tons of questions or even just some random thoughts that I would like to share and get other people's opinions and/or thoughts on as well. With that in mind, here is my first post for Inquiring Mondays! As my girl is about to turn 6 months next Friday (3/9), I'm starting to think about toys that she will need to continue her development and continue to grow with her. I don't particularly care for toys that have a short lifespan with our child. As much as most of these toys cost, we need to get a pretty darn good ROI! So baby girl is about to be 6 months so that means the crawling, some sitting up on her own and then walking somewhere around her 1st birthday. The items that we have now are the Prince LionHeart bebePod, Evenflo Bounce and Learn Bee Exersaucer, Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper, Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym and the Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat (Ladybug). Some of these items were purchased because of someone else recommending them or from me reading the reviews on Some were not. I have started looking at the toys that will be beneficial as our little girl starts crawling, sitting up more and eventually walking. Chicco has been a great brand for us. We have their car seat/stroller combo, the poly magic highchair, a few regular toys and their new crib mobile. I have been very happy with every single one of those purchases. I've been eyeing the following:

i-Gym Activity Center - she can play with it as she sits or lays down. It's rated at 0+ months, so I'm thinking that will probably be boring to her soon. Baby Jogging - this one is rated for 9+ months, so it will be a bit before she can really play with it and really only is good for walking around…no other major bells and whistles. Baby Activity Walker - this one is also rated for 9+ months and has activities for while she's sitting and then will allow her to walk around once she's ready for that stage. 4-in-1 Ride on Car - also rated for 9+ months since I guess you can push your kid around on this one until they have the motor skills to push themselves with their feet. Not 100% sure on this one if it's worth the $80. Music 'N Play Table - rated at 12+ months but seems like she could play with it as she was learning to sit on her own. Looks like there are tons of things to play with….even some form of large Legos! Dance Walker - This one just has a weight limit of 26.5 lbs and I like that you can hook an iPod up to it for your own music so that you can change up what they hear and don't listen to the same 6 tunes over and over again! There is also musical play tray that can be removed.

So….what are your kids favorite toys when they were learning to crawl, sit up and walk around?

Items I Suggest New Parents Register For

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Baby Center, an online resource for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy has a good checklist for things to register for: For a new mom, this list can become overwhelming, so I created a list on that you can check out and even add the items to your own registry on

Out of this list of 40, I have my top 7 favorites that really got the husband and I through the first few weeks as new parents:

1. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Before you can take your new bundle of joy home, you have to have a car seat installed in your car. The base for this car seat is easy to install, especially in my Jetta that has hooks for the latch connectors. We have even moved it from my car to another car that had to have it installed using the seat belt method and it still took very little time to install. On the base, there are precision bubble levels that help you insure that the base sits level in your car for baby's safety. It is easy to release from the base, just pull up on the release handle and then lift the car seat off the base. When putting the car seat on the base, it just snaps in and you hear a click sound. We also have the Cortina Stroller as well that makes this a great Travel System and it has the same ease of inserting and releasing the car seat from it.

2. Fisher-Price Aquarium Bathtub - Our daughter has done really well with baths and this tub has been great from day one. The sling net allows you to let your baby lay in the water without getting too deep. One of the best features is the temperature gauge in the bottom of the tub. It is a meter that informs is too cold, too hot, or just right! So when it was time for baby girl's first bath, it was a pleasant experience with this bathtub.

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger - The first few nights were on the rough side and when we first laid her down on this lounger, it was a whole new world. She instantly stopped crying and slept very well on it. Everywhere we went in the house, the lounger came along for baby girl to hang out in. Even when we left the house to visit grandma, the lounger was packed with the rest of the items needed for the visit.

4. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper - Baby girl didn't start off sleeping in her crib on day one and we didn't receive our pack 'n play that was being given to us by the husband's co-workers, so we used this until we managed to transition her to the pack 'n play that we had set up in our bedroom. Due to the drainage she was experiencing with her first cold, we wanted to elevate her chest, so she slept in this until she started clearing up.

5. Swaddling - We used both the Halo SleepSack Swaddle and the Summer Infant SwaddleMe. The SleepSack Swaddle came in handy while early on since she slept so often. I would keep her in the SleepSack and would just swaddle her arms in when it was time for sleeping. Once she became more alert and playful, we used the SwaddleMe for naps and night time sleeping.

6. Oslo Diaper Bag - During the first week we were home with our daughter, it seems like we had some sort of appointment to go to, so we were taking baby girl everywhere and I have really enjoyed this bag! There is a pouch in the front where you can store wipes and it has a great flap that covers the wipes to keep them moist and it comes with a changing mat. I'm not sure what other parents keep in their diaper bags, but there is plenty of room for diapers, bottles, formula, ointments, change of clothes and pacifiers. I'm sure I have missed an item or two that we have in our diaper bag, but these are the primary items that we use and carry with us.

7. Pacifiers - We have used two different pacifiers and it's been fun watching her go from one to the other. We have used the Phillips Avent BPA Free pacifiers for 0-3 months and also 2 Wubbanubs. The Wubbanub has a soothie pacifier attached to a soft plush animal. I started using the Wubbanub while changing baby girl because she didn't like being changed for some reason. The Wubbanub did a better job staying in her mouth since it had the weight of the plush animal.

TGIF? Not for me today

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Typically, I'm excited when Friday rolls around because it means it's the end of the work week and I have a whole weekend in front of me to enjoy being with my husband and now 12 week old daughter.  Unless a Friday ends up being the last day of vacation, I'm normally in the TGIF spirit....not today.  Today is a different kind of Friday for me.  Yes it's the end of the work week and yes I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and baby.  It is also my last day of working from home while taking care of my new daughter.  Starting Monday, I will be back in the office while my daughter is at daycare.  I trust that the daycare will take great care of her and I know that one day, the interaction with other kids will benefit her greatly.  I have left her with grandparents for a few hours, so this will be the longest I have gone without being with her.  After 9 months of pregnancy, with 4 weeks of bed rest and hoping all goes well for baby and me, then 12 weeks at home with her, I'm not at all ready for this.  Since the daycare is close to my office, my plan is to be with her at lunch time, as long as my work schedule allows.  So to all who read this, my apologies for not being in the TGIF spirit today.  Next week will be a different story.