Saw It, Pinned It, Did It - Fall Wreath

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To get us into the spirit of fall, I decided to make a wreath for our house and as always, I came across tons of pins on Pinterest.  This particular pin linked to a site that has links to 15 different fall themed wreaths.


From the list of 15 fall wreath ideas, I decided on this one and here is the original blog post with the instructions on how to make the wreath.


Hobby Lobby is typically having sales on flowers and wreath forms, so I managed to wait a few weeks and ended up getting most, if not all of the supplies on sale!

So here is my grapevine vine wreath and the floral pieces to make my wreath.

wreath supplies.jpg

The first step was getting the big flowers to stay on the wreath.  I used the same method as the blogger who created the original wreath which was to wrap floral wire between petals and then twisting the ends of the wire around itself and then tucking the ends up into the grapevine.

Step One.jpg

The next step was adding the little berry sprigs.  I clipped the small bunches off the main branch and then hot glued them to the grapevine.  Prior to actually gluing anything, I placed the berry bunches along the grapevine and make slight adjustments prior to glueing them.  To glue the bunches, I added hot glue to the bottom of the sprig and then stuck the end of the sprig into the grapevine.  As the blogger mentioned in her post, it is very tempting to stop here and not add the fuzzy things.

Step Two.jpg
Since I was tempted to not add the fuzzy things and because I am a perfectionist, I cut the fuzzy things off the main branch and just stuck them throughout the wreath prior to hot gluing.  It is amazing how much of a difference those little fuzzy things make i the overall look of the wreath!
Step Three.jpg
This wreath was simple to make and I just love how it looks next to our front door!
Wreath Hanging.jpg

DIY Craft of the Month - February

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Earlier this month, I linked up with Becky for the "Our Love Story" post and happened to see that she had started this DIY Craft of the Month series. I love DIY projects and I'm excited to share with you a couple of projects I've been working on this month that are green! My first DIY project is a 'mobile' that I created for baby girl's room. Prior to her being born, I had two different ideas for a mobile and was planning to do both of them. Neither of them have been started and I have most, if not all of the materials necessary to complete them. Well, since I procrastinated long enough, a new idea sparkedince there really is no true "theme" for her room, this was bound to happen. So here it is….my DIY mobile for baby girl's room:



I purchased the green and yellow paper lanterns from and then got the red one at Party City. The butterflies were purchased from a store on eBay called The Bownut and then hot glued onto the paper lanterns. I started off by using glue dots from my scrapbooking supplies, and then got upset when some of the butterflies kept falling off a few days later. Well out came the hot glue gun and then all was well.

My second green DIY project this month is a pair of green pants for baby girl to wear to daycare for St. Patty's Day! There are some fabric stores in my area, but I hardly have time to really drive and shop in person, so I got the green and white polka dot Moda fabric through a store on Etsy called Ready2QuiltShop. I don't have a picture of the pants completed, so here is a picture of them prior to the elastic being added into the waste band and then the ruffles added to the pant legs. (I'll update the post once I have a picture of the pants completed.)


So those are my green DIY projects for February. I can't want to see what Becky comes up with for March!